Over 200 esteemed HR professionals gathered to understand the profound influence of AI integration in HR. This inclusion has markedly improved recruitment strategies, reduced biases, and optimized operational procedures. Cutting-edge AI solutions excel in identifying ideal candidates, while chatbots expedite seamless employee communication. Additionally, predictive analytics provide foresight into potential attrition, setting a higher benchmark for human resource management.

Daffodil International Professional Training Institute (DIPTI), in collaboration with HRDI, DIU, successfully organized a seminar on “Best Practices in HR using AI” on August 19, 2023, at 71 Milonayaton, Daffodil Plaza. The event witnessed a gathering of over 180 enthusiastic professionals eager to delve into the convergence of HR and AI. We had the privilege of hosting Dr. Aparna Sharma from Mumbai, who shared invaluable insights on the transformative potential of AI in HR, highlighting a spectrum of AI applications in the field. 

DIPTI consistently engages in innovative skill development and training, offering cutting-edge global training solutions. This commitment to excellence will undoubtedly persist well into the future.